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4 August 2009,

Sunday - 2 August 2009: Mischa Barton poses for the Arizona Beverages & Music Unites All Points West celebration at The Cooper Square Hotel on Sunday (August 2) in New York City. The 23-year-old actress was in good spirits, dancing to her pal Daisy Lowe’s DJ set for almost two hours.

mischa-barton-im-really-happy-02 mischa-barton-im-really-happy-07 mischa-barton-im-really-happy-09

Friday - 31 July 2009: Mischa Barton emerges from the Sally Hershberger Salon with a new hairstyle in New York City on Friday afternoon (July 31). The 23-year-old actress then took her two dogs, Charlie and Ziggy, on a walk with a female friend. Mischa is currently filming The Beautiful Life, her new model-centric series on The CW.

mischa-barton-ziggy-dog-03 mischa-barton-ziggy-dog-06 mischa-barton-ziggy-dog-09

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