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I came across an article posted on dailymail.co.uk which was pointing out the fact that Mischa Barton has cellulite on her thighs and made hideous comments like "she's got pale thighs" and "she's gained weight" etc. Is this truly appropriate? Just let her live, she's also human and i don't see a thing wrong with her! Here's the story:

Young starlet Mischa Barton stepped out in a sporty combination of shorts and sweatshirt.

But unfortunately it revealed the actress' rather dimpled thighs as she arrived for brunch at a Hollywood restaurant.

Wearing a pair of unflattering blue seventies style shorts, and a t-shirt that read 'Let's go bite some butts', the 22-year-old actress looked more suited for a workout than lunch at restaurant La Scala, in Beverly Hills.

But despite her sporty attire, the slender 22-year-old's extremely pale thighs already appear to have some issues with cellulite.

Former O.C. star Mischa appears to have gained some weight since leaving the show which made her famous.

The packet of cigarettes may provide a clue as to why the young actress should be blighted by the stubborn fat, which affects many women, despite her youthful age.

Smoking is one of the toxic habits that contribute to the emergence of cellulite.

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